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New Ark Mission of India

Organization: Shelter
Facility Type: Shelter
Status: Open

Home of Hope
Doddagubbi Village
KRC Road, Next to KRC
Bangalore 562149
Bangalore, I* 00000

Region:Karnataka-State of India

Main/General Business Number: +91 9845281915, +91 80 28445509
Main/General Business E-mail Address: (hidden)

Make Checks Payable To: New Ark Mission of India


The New Ark Mission of India was started in the year 1997 by Mr. T. Raja. It is an organization solely dedicated to rescuing and rebuilding the lives of the destitute and dying people of the streets. The Home of Hope is a centre of the New Ark Mission of India.

Today, the home accommodates and cares for more than 200 residents who have been rescued from the most inhumane and unhygienic circumstances.It is a place of solace and shelter for people who are suffering from AIDS,Cancer and Kidney failures besides many who are mentally challenged.These residents who were once disowned by their families and doomed to fend for themselves have found a new reason to live. These 170 residents would have been a statistic on the list of Bangalore’s unidentified dead if Raja had not reached them.

The New Ark Mission of India has marked a turning point for the destitute people of India. It has laid a true foundation for the transformation of lives of those on the streets. We are greatly honored to present this website to bring to light the work of this organization to a local and a global audience.

Their aim:
* To rescue the destitute and the dying people from the streets.
* To enrich their lives with hope and purpose.
* To provide them shelter, care and medication.
* To impart education for children rescued from the streets.
* To rescue 1000 lives by the year 2010.
* To empower such individuals with vocational training so as to enable them to become self-supporting and self reliant.
* To improve basic amenities offered to the residents so that they would lead a fulfilled, noble life and death.
* To catalyze overall development of the homeless people, NAMI hopes to collaborate with mainstream institutions (both corporate and not-for-profit organizations) that are willing to provide support through finance, medical care, education and volunteers to help support the mission and vision of the organization.
* To open the 'Home of Hope' Centre in each and every state across the country.
* To transform the nation with greater and stronger values of service towards the underprivileged.

24x7 Helpline available.
Emergency Service call:+91 9845281915, +91 80 28445509

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