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Banyan, The

Organization: Womens/Family Shelter
Facility Type: Shelter
Status: Open

6th Main Road, Mugappair Eri Scheme
Mugappair west, Chennai-600037
Chennai, I* 00000

Region:Tamil Nadu-State of India

Main/General Business Number: +91 44 26530504 / 45548350 / 51 / 52
Main/General Business E-mail Address: (hidden)

Make Checks Payable To: The Banyan


The Banyan is an organisation that cares for and rehabilitates homeless women with mental illness found in the streets of Chennai. At its home, Adaikalam(Tamil for 'home'), The Banyan provides the women a safe shelter, care, medical attention, and a supportive environment to enable them to recover and to take responsibility for their lives again. The Banyan also supports the women’s return to their families and communities and when this is not possible, supports the women in setting up new lives for themselves. The vision of The Banyan is to ensure that no mentally ill homeless person is left uncared and unattended for in the streets.

Although The Banyan offers a comfortable home to women in distress, it is important to remember that The Banyan is not an institution for lifetime patients. The ultimate goals of the project being rehabilitation and empowerment, The Banyan is an effort to reunite the women with their families and to help them reintegrate back into the mainstream society to be able to lead normal lives again.

30 / 109, Halls Road,
Kipauk, Chennai – 600 010
Phone Numbers: +91 43532324 / 43532223 / 26445358 / 26445369 / 45530090
Fax: +91 43532000

Banyan Health Centre,
2/242, Pillayar Koil Street,
Kovalam Village,
Kancheepuram – 603112

Info Source/Changes:
A very popular organization in Chennai. Came to know about them through the various fund raising events that were shown on television to raise funds for The Banyan.
(see full history)

Created At: Sun Jul 22 06:40:48 -0700 2007
Updated At: Sat Oct 06 08:10:27 -0700 2007
Updated By: LKam

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