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21st Century Learning Academy & Charter School - USD424

Organization: Red Cross Evacuation Shelter, School
Facility Type: Shelter
Status: Standby

200 So. Main
Mullinville, KS 67109


Main/General Business Number: 620) 548-2217 / (620) 548-2289
Main/General Business E-mail Address: (hidden)

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The Mullinville High School Gym is a Red Cross Shelter. Fewer and fewer folks are being sheltered here as relatives pick up family and many residents of Greensburg, KS are staying with church members.

The gym has run out of space to store the many deliveries of supplies/food being brought in and they need help with Warehouse Space, Storage Pods, or even semi-truck trailors.

Call Sandy Mosshart/Vol. Coordinator with the Mullinville Church of Christ if you can assist the town of Mullinville at: (620) 548-2512

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Created At: Wed May 09 22:59:49 -0700 2007
Updated At: Sat Dec 27 16:26:18 -0700 2008
Updated By: LTel

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