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Youth Leadership Training Program (The International Association for Human Values)

Organization: Non-Profit
Facility Type: Info/Hotline
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New Orleans, LA 00000


Main/General Business Number: 978-500-4082
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Breathe Life Back Into New Orleans!

Since Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, numerous relief
agencies bolstered by scores of volunteers have worked
to rebuild New Orleans. However, the hurricane left more
than homes in disrepair. Increases in violence, suicide,
depression, etc. over the past eighteen months are all
direct results of the storm. The International Association
for Human Values (IAHV) is focusing on mitigating these
effects and creating a Stress Free, Violence Free New
Orleans. To accomplish these goals, IAHV is working
alongside Mayor Naginís office, as well as on independent
projects to bring peace and peace of mind to New Orleans.

In the summer of 2007, IAHV will be hosting one of the
largest Youth Leadership Training Programs (YLTP) ever.
Join hundreds of youth from around the world uniting in
an effort to uplift New Orleans through community service
and educational outreach that empowers individuals and
communities with tools to heal the mind, body and emotions.

Discover your Potential

YLTP expands your ability to live a happy, fulfilling and
useful life. It breaks the boundaries of what you thought
you were capable of, increasing your personal power, energy
and focus, as well as leadership, teamwork and communication

It challenges you to learn and embody the Art of Living,
discover your potential and be the change you wish to see.
Tapping your inner wisdom, you become a model of inner strength,
joy and caring for the world. All this is nurtured by a deep
connection with a loving and accepting team who dedicate
themselves to the challenging and ultimately fulfilling
work of personal growth and service.

You Can Make a Real Difference

YLTP starts with an intensive 10 day training period in which
young people are trained to teach a free trauma and stress
relief course called Breath Water Sound, and continues with
2-6 weeks of fieldwork (and optional ongoing internships) in
an area where peace of mind is so badly needed, Post-Katrina
New Orleans.

If you are ready to see what you are really capable of, if you
have a sincere desire to make a difference in the world, fill
out an application today.

Personal Statements by YLTP Participants After YLTP Katrina
Relief Summer 2006:

"From YLTP I've gained renewed trust in humanity and great desire
to be of service to and for others."

"I do feel like more of a leader, more comfortable taking charge.
Now I feel more comfortable trusting my gut."

Experiences of Katrina Survivors who participated in IAHV Trauma
Relief programs this past summer :

"The course gave me much more than I expected. I was able to feel
free and relaxed. I was able to find some peace where I had none.
I had a feeling of peace, greater awareness, and relaxation:
something I didn't think I would feel again."

"I learned how my breath can take me to a peaceful place and I
can leave the stressful thoughts behind. It helped me to rest
better at night and I have a calmness in my soul."

Get More Info

Download an Application:

See a Video on the Program:

Catrina McFate, YLTP Coordinator

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