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Youth Matter, Inc

Organization: Non-Profit - Charity
Facility Type: Donor
Status: Open

PO Box 396
Portsmouth, VA 23705

County/Parish:Hampton Roads

Main/General Business Number: 757-686-8181
Main/General Business E-mail Address: (hidden)

Management Contact: (hidden)
Management Phone: (hidden)
Other Contacts:(hidden)
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Mission: Our mission is to enhance the lives of children. To provide resources for education in areas for job training, tutoring, literacy, and scholarships; for sports in areas of centers and sports facilities; for the arts in the area of music, dance and art. To build self-esteem and values in the live's of tomorrows leaders, through mentoring, parental involvement, and their participation in contests and special activities in areas of fashion, talent and public speaking. To produce resource materials that will assist youth and their families by making them aware of the resources available to them. To help build healthy comunittees.

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There are many concerns facing today's youth. In every community there are hundreds of girls and boys left to find their own recreation and companionship in the streets. An increasing number of children spend many hours at home with no adult care or supervision, or no one to help them with homework. Dependent youth sometimes become victims of parental neglect, abuse, incapacity and /or abandonment.

There is a great need to focus on serving youth most at risk of not reaching their full potential, especially youth in low-income communities. Young people need to know that someone cares about them because they matter � youth matter.

In 2002 Youth Matter, Inc. became the lead organization for the City of Portsmouth in having it designated through a statewide initiative as a "Right Choices For Youth" community to promote the message for youth people through high school to avoid alcohol, drugs, sex, tobacco, and violence.

Youth Matter, Inc. is a IRS approved 501(c)3 non-profit community development corporation.


A cooperative effort of Youth Matter, Inc.� and its Partners ask for your assistance because . . . Victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita are still attempting to recover from the massive storm that disrupted the lives of so many families, young and old, all races and cultures. We need to continue to make a difference in their lives by continuing to raise funds to help them. Families are still separated, homeless, broke, and in mourning. Assist us by making a financial contribution to Youth Matter, Inc. so that we can continue to fill the needs of hurricane families, youth, and individuals. Remember that we were all children at one point in our lives, and ALL YOUTH MATTER, no matter where they live.

It's so important for youth and teens to access fun, educational and safe websites. Listed in the link below are a few websites that Youth Matter, Inc. have come across. If you locate other websites designed especially for youth and teens, please let us know by contacting us.

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