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Brookview House

Facility Type: Info/Hotline
Status: Open

2 Brookview St.
Dorchester, MA 02124


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When Brookview House opened its doors in 1990 two bedroom
apartments rented for less than $600, most jobs that paid
a living wage did not require a degree and families were
the smallest portion of the homeless population. Since then,
much has changed. Rents in Boston are more costly than New
York City, few opportunities exist for low-skilled workers
and families now represent more than one-third of the

Brookview House has faced these changes head-on growing
into one of the largest and most successful transitional
housing centers in Massachusetts. The agency has moved
close to 500 families into permanent housing, developed
productive skills and interests for thousands of children
during out-of-school time programs, and supported homeless
parents as they worked to develop careers with which they
are sustaining their families. Simply put, the Brookview
House model works.

Rather than merely providing housing, Brookview House uses
an award-winning model to address the myriad of obstacles
families face in maintaining housing. The organization
serves more than 400 homeless children and their families
annually providing them with strategically aligned support
services that foster independence. Families who complete
our program have achieved a 91% success rate in remaining

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