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New England Alpaca Fiber Pool [helping small farmers]

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Fall River, MA 00000
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helps small Alpaca farmers be fiscally sustainable with shared processing, manufacturing

from the website:

"Alpaca fiber, one of the world's greatest natural fibers, is grown by thousands of alpaca farms across the USA. By working together & pooling their fiber, farms are able to bring a wide variety of finished clothing and accessories to market, reaching the widest possible audience, at the highest profit margin on the fiber they produce."

"Starting in 2002, Chris and Shelley Riley of Golden Touch Alpaca Farm, proudly continue the legacy of the 3 original NEAFP founders. By utilizing economies of scale, Alpaca Farms pool their fiber together to gain access into commercial scale U.S. Textile Mills. This allows them to bring a wide variety of quality clothing and accessories to market - reaching the widest possible audience - at the highest possible profit margin."

“Alpaca Farms of any size are able to offer 60+ finished U.S. Alpaca products to their local communities without having to navigate commercial textile mill minimums, juggling production schedules, or managing the inherit risk of getting a new product off the ground from prototype to production."

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Created At: Thu Dec 26 10:47:35 +0000 2019
Updated At: Thu Dec 26 10:51:16 +0000 2019
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