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Fresh Start, Furniture Bank [free sharing]

Facility Type: Warehouse
Status: Open

Hudson, MA 00000
Population Served:
Shelters Served:


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Fresh Start is located at 16 Brent Drive in Hudson.

Fresh Start Furniture Bank is a volunteer based charity which provides free furniture and home goods to people in need. All of the items that we distribute have been donated.

In 2018 we expect to furnish ~660 households (1,770 people) with ~18,000 items at about $100/household!

Fresh Start Furniture Bank helps restore hope, dignity, and stability in our community by recycling donated furniture and housewares, for free, to people in need. Our secondary goal is to keep these items out of the waste stream.

Who we serve:
The people served by Fresh Start have at least one thing in common — they need help during a difficult time.

Fresh Start's customers are individuals and families in transition who need help to rebuild their lives. They include:

Women and children escaping abusive domestic situations
People coming out of shelters or halfway houses
Individuals and families in recovery from physical and mental illness
Victims of fires, floods or hurricanes
Refugees and recent immigrants to the U.S.
The working poor

What we do:

Fresh Start collects donations of furniture and home goods from the public and distributes them, for free, to people in need. In order to receive furniture people must obtain a referral from a social service agency. They then have 30 days to come in and select their items. We stock just about everything to furnish a household. They may place the items on hold for up to 1 week while they arrange transportation for the items.

Some Statistics:
Agencies Families Helped Items Distributed
2014 75 180 2,435
2015 140 257 4,115
2016 196 328 8,244
2017 265 439 15,184
2018 (est) 320 600 19,000
2019 (est)
380 770 24,000


Our 2019 budget, our budget is quite simple: We have a $120K budget which basically consists of $80K for rent, $21K part time employee, $5K to run our truck and $14K for other expenses such as insurance, dumpster, Internet, utilities, etc. Due to this tight fiscal management, we can furnish an entire household for about $150. Think about that...

Obtaining a Referral

If you need furniture or household goods, you must go to one of the following agencies and have them submit an on-line referral.
You may only receive 1 referral over your life-time. This referral is valid for 30 days.
You will have a maximum of 3 visits to select your items.
We stock sofas, upholstered chairs, dressers, beds, night stands/end tables, kitchen tables & chairs, cabinets, shelves, pots, pans, dishes, linens, small appliances and many other items.
We do not stock mattresses, TVs or large appliances.
If we have an item in stock, you must select from our existing stock.
You should be at the store a minimum of 45 minutes before it closes.
If you do not speak English, please bring someone who can interpret for you.
We have volunteers in the store who will assist you in selecting items.
We do not provide a delivery service.
Plan to take items with you on the day that you visit.
You may place items on hold 1 time while you obtain transportation.
Items placed on hold must be picked up within 7 days.
If you bring children with you, you must supervise them at all times.
Our customer policies can be downloaded in either English, Portuguese or Spanish

Estimated Inventory, January 2019 [see updates at:

The following is an ESTIMATE of what we have in inventory. You may find more or less of what the following shows. This is updated twice a week and in between items may have gone out or come in. Do not base your decision to come to Fresh Start upon these numbers. Remember that your referral will close 30 days from when it submitted and you will not get another referral.

"Qty On Hand" is what we estimate we have in the store.
"Qty On Hold" is what is being held for customers.

Group Item Name Qty On Hand
Beds Bunk Bed 0
Headboard: Full/Twin 28
Headboard: King/Queen 4
Metal Bed Frame 11
Toddler Bed 0
Cabinets Bookcase/Shelf 16
Buffet/Sideboard 1
China Cabinet 0
Dresser/Armoire 29
Hutch - Kitchen 0
Storage Cabinet 9
Trunk 0
TV/Microwave stand 8
Lamps Floor Lamp 1
MassSave LED bulbs 1168
Table Lamp 39
Misc Artwork 99
Mirror 9
Rug 6
Seating Couch/Sofa 15
Dining/Kitchen Chair 107
Footstool/Ottoman 4
Loveseat 5
Misc chair/Bar Stool 38
Rocker 3
Upholstered Chair/Recliner23
Tables Coffee Table 12
Desk 4
End Table/Nightstand 39
Kitchen/Dining table 14
Misc table 2

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Created At: Mon Jan 07 15:48:24 -0700 2019
Updated At: Mon Jan 07 15:54:19 -0700 2019
Updated By: tfri

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