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Hurrican Irma Solidarity Network, run by/for Black Women in Florida, give money direct, etc

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from the site, posted 9/10/17, see live links at the link above:

1. Send money directly to Black women in South Florida via Cash.Me app or PayPal. Open the #SupportBlackWomenMIA list and pick more than one woman on the list to PayPal or Cash app. Suggestion for choosing from the list: pick the first person whose name begins with the same letter as yours, then pick another person whose name begins with the same letter as your mother’s first name. Be GENEROUS. (Think of what you spend on coffee or alcohol, then double it.) Share the above graphic and link. (Credit: Dr. Roni Dean-Burren via Leslie Mac.)

2. $upport and PLEASE SHARE the Coalition’s YouCaring Irma Fund that will go directly to Black communities in South Miami. This fund is for long-term needs like helping folks pay rent, pay utility bills, repairs, etc. Donate here. (Landlords still make you pay in a natural disaster.)

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Created At: Tue Sep 12 00:35:04 -0700 2017
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