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HealthCare Ready coordinating trained MEDICAL volunteers for Hurricane Harvey response

Facility Type: Medical Facility
Status: Open

, TX 00000



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Healthcare Ready is coordinating directly with some organizations to supply trained health care professional volunteers. Email "Alerts at HealthcareReady dot org" if you are a trained health care professional and interested in volunteering, so your information can be shared with organizations that need a pharmacist.

Specific assistance includes:

Rapid access to the right contacts in the private sector or government
Coordination with federal, state and local officials, nonprofits and shelters to ensure coordination and assistance with access to medicine
Coordination with HHS, FEMA, state EOCs, and private sector companies
Assistance with donations to shelters
Facilitating access to healthcare facilities to ensure deliveries and personnel have access into restricted areas or with resuming operations
Sharing information and promoting the use of medicine assistance programs

to get help: 866-247-2694

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Created At: Sun Sep 03 10:38:53 -0700 2017
Updated At: Sun Sep 03 10:38:53 -0700 2017
Updated By: tfri

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