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Free Food on Thursdays

Facility Type: Walk-in Resource
Status: Open

Boston, MA 00000


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HRI, Food for Free, the Boston Area Gleaners, Whole Foods Markets and
many more are hosting eight weeks of sharing food. All food at this event is 100% free.

Tuesdays at Riverside Press Park, Cambridge6pm - 7:30pmJuly 11 - August 28

Thursdays at Trolley Square Park, 2401 Massachusetts Avenue,
Cambridge6pm - 7:30pmJuly 12 - August 3

Homeowner's Rehab Inc., Food For
Free, and the Boston Area Gleaners are partnering to offer free markets
(not farmers markets) in Trolley Square and Riverside Press Park this
summer. The market in Trolley Square is intended for residents of Trolley
Square complex while the Riverside Press Park market is open to the
public. *These
markets are designed to serve people who struggle to afford the healthy
food they need, and we encourage anyone who needs this assistance to shop
at the markets*. The mission of Food For Free and the Boston Area Gleaners
is to provide food to people in our community who are not able to purchase
it for themselves. We are committed to a strong regional food system and
encourage everyone to purchase their food at a local farmers market
whenever possible.

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Created At: Tue Jul 18 10:49:54 -0700 2017
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