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Hitchcock Shoes (extra wide) GOOD PRIVACY POLICY!

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, MA 00000



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Feb 14 2017:

This is the web site of Hitchcock Shoes, Inc.,

which publishes the Hitchcock Wide Shoes for Men catalog and offers extra wide shoes for both men and women through our online catalog. We have been an independent, family-owned business since our founding in 1951 and are not associated with any other catalog, direct marketer or other company. Our postal address is 225 Beal St., Hingham, MA 02043. We can be reached via e-mail at or by telephone at 1-781-749-3260.

We do not collect any information on visitors to our web site except whatever data you volunteer when requesting our catalog or placing an on-line order. If you give us your e-mail address and phone numbers, we will use them only to satisfy your requests for our products and services or when we need to get in touch with you about a specific order. We NEVER share any information about you with any other companies or organizations.

If you sign up for our online newsletter, we may send you occasional e-mail announcements about special sales and new offerings but we promise not to abuse the privilege and you may unsubscribe at any time. We NEVER rent or sell our mailing or email lists to any other company or organization. Any information we have about you is strictly guarded and used only to help us serve you better.

If you give us your mailing address, we will add your name to our mailing list to receive our catalog, which is normally mailed six to nine times a year. Your name will not be rented, sold or in any other way shared with other companies, and we will promptly discontinue mailing to you if requested to do so. We also appreciate being told of unintentional duplicate mailings and being informed of change of address if you move.

Consumer Data and Transaction Security

The data you provide through our secure on-line ordering system is protected by an encrypted SSL connection. Only authorized Hitchcock supervisory personnel have access to our secure site. Once your order is entered into our proprietary order processing system on our internal network, it is accessible only by authorized members of our customer service staff to fill your order or to fill your customer service request. (We never contract with outside call centers.) All our customer information is stored in the well-supervised office environment of our Hingham headquarters and our computer programs and office procedures are specifically designed to safeguard all personal customer information included in order processing paperwork and computer files.

About "Cookies"

A cookie is simply a piece of information that is temporarily stored on your disk drive by the browser. We use cookies only in the following two ways:

(1) To keep track of the contents of your shopping cart while you are shopping. The information is kept for research purposes only after you submit your order. We do not sell or share this information for direct or targeted solicitations by any other companies or unrelated third parties.

(2) Your name and address information from the order form are put in a cookie to allow the form to fill in these items automatically the next time you use it.

Both of these features are provided for your convenience. We do not associate the information stored in a visitor's cookie with any other personal data about that visitor. We may use cookies for sales tracking, data collecting and marketing purposes but we do not collect any personal information. You are welcome to opt out of Google's use of cookies by visiting Google's Ads Settings. You may also visit here and opt-out from all third-party use of cookies.

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Created At: Mon Feb 13 23:05:55 -0700 2017
Updated At: Mon Feb 13 23:06:42 -0700 2017
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