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Access Strategies - Solidarity Economy Project - Funding for grassroots groups committed to building a "solidarity economy"

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, MA 00000
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The Solidarity Economy Initiative (SEI) emerged from Access Strategies’ Economic Democracy Fund and is a new Massachusetts based funding program developed by Access Strategies Fund, Boston Impact Initiative, the Center for Economic Democracy and the Solidago Foundation. As a capacity building program, SEI will provide funding, collective training and technical assistance to a cohort of Massachusetts based grassroots organizations. SEI seeks to build power and evolve strategies towards a long term social movement capable of transforming American capitalism into a just, sustainable, and democratic economy.

Massachusetts Movement Branches
The concept of a funded grassroots learning process came from a recognition that the energy to develop analysis, vision, and leadership for long term transformation requires time and resources that organizations lack. At the same time, frontline groups are already evolving the field, seeding new co-ops, creating land trusts and practicing participatory budgeting. This learning process funds organizations to allocate staff time and support leaders to collectively develop more ambitious and long term organizing strategies for the grassroots sector.

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