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Source CA Northern Sacramento Sacramento Non-Profit Lean on Me, Inc Ongoing ? - Household Goods & Furniture etc. , Sacramento, Arrived No No 12/14 Show Edit
Source MI Nationwide (Nationwide) Caledonia Non-Profit Adopt My Room Bedding for Kids Offered Ready: 12/8 Unknown No 12/9 Show Edit
Source GA Central Macon Montezuma Business BirdsEye Frozen Veggies going Hattiesburg Offered Ready: 12/8 No No 12/9 Show Edit
Source IA (IA) (IA) Davenport Coalition of Churches Faith Lutheran Church Ongoing ???, Food Supplies & First Response Items Offered Ready: 8/15 Unknown No 8/15 Show Edit
Source WI (WI) (WI) Waukesha Private Phil Lee Warehouse Office Walls & Cabinets Offered Ready: 8/9 No No 8/9 Show Edit
Source FL (FL) (FL) Pembroke Pines School Pembroke Pines Charter High School Boxes of School Supplies Offered Ready: 7/30 No No 7/31 Show Edit
Source AZ (AZ) (AZ) Tucson World Care Office Furniture Offered Ready: 7/30 Unknown No 7/30 Show Edit
Source PA (PA) (PA) West Point MERCK modular trailers Offered Ready: 11/17 No No 11/17 Show Edit
Source NV (NV) (NV) Sparks J & L Windows Windows Offered Ready: 11/16 No No 11/16 Show Edit
Source OH (OH) Cuyahoga Cleveland Non-Profit - Charity Decker Forklifts Cleveland Forklift Offered Ready: 11/16 No No 11/16 Show Edit