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There are numerous opportunities for advocates and professionals, including those without law degrees, to get involved with the Mississippi Center for Justice. Here are just a few of the many ways that you can help:

Event Planning
Two major fundraising events each year offer numerous opportunities to assist with mailings, donor outreach, production of materials and general office coordination.

IT Support
The Mississippi Center for Justice operates two offices, presenting a great need for document transfer and multi-office networking between the two offices. An IT expert could analyze current systems and technology tools, and offer recommendations for improvements. Technology trainings are also needed.

Communications and Multimedia
Technology innovations continue to enhance the way information is generated and shared throughout the world. The Mississippi Center for Justice welcomes assistance with implementing communications technology that enhances communication among internal staff, as well as with pro bono partners. Web and video conferencing, as well as the use of social media tools, are of particular interest.

When it comes to compelling stories and clients, the Mississippi Center for Justice has a plethora of resources. However, what the Center lacks are the resources to capture these stories and produce multimedia presentations that allow these stories to be shared with elected officials, partners, funders and the media. Assistance with planning and production of such tools is greatly needed.

Public Relations
The Mississippi Center for Justice conducts legal clinics on a routine basis across the Gulf Coast and plans to expand those to other areas of the state. With each clinic, there are opportunities for volunteers to coordinate and implement public relations plans that reach broad audiences and generate participation from the public at large.

The Mississippi Center for Justice maintains a database with nearly 7,000 contacts. Our newsletter is an important tool for keeping them informed about the Center’s successes, challenges and needs. Volunteers are needed to design and manage production of this newsletter throughout the year.

To get involved in these or other areas, please contact the Mississippi Center for Justice at 601-352-2269.

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