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Workcamps are one of the Mission's trademarks within the United Church of Christ.Back Bay Mission has developed a style of workcamping based on the experiential learned that has proved highly successful. While the "work" in workcamping has become more intense and the term "disaster recovery" more appropriate since Katrina, BBM's model of workcamping is more in demand than ever. This program seeks to equally emphasize productivity (home rehabilitation) and learning, using an action-reflection model.This is a powerful method for helping persons internalize their learning and build cohesive caring groups.

This program has grown from serving approximately 20 work teams per year to 40 teams as the Mission, along with many other organizations, responds to the overwhelming need for housing restoration. Approximately 65,000 homes were totally destroyed in storm and another 64,000 severely damaged. Work teams perform a wide range of tasks - from mold abatement to roofing to installing sheetrock to electrical and plumbing work. Once the Mission selects a home to restore, they commit to completing the project. Often the effort requires many weeks and several different work teams.

Back Bay Mission has received grants from the City of Biloxi and the City of Gulfport to restore the homes of homeowners who lack the financial resources to complete the projects on their own.

For more information on general workcamping, please email the Volunteer Coordinator.


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