Housing, Volunteer Housing ($ NOT FREE) available at Back Bay Mission

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Costs and Reservation Process
Currently there is a $150 reservation fee and $50 per person for the week, please mail to Back Bay Mission prior to arrival or bring it into the office to Lori or Denise. The week fee may increase in 2007. We ask for a roster of all workcampers that will arrive at Back Bay Mission (name, address, email, etc.). For further information, please E-mail volunteer coordinator at bbvol@datasync.com or call 228-432-0301. Back Bay Mission?s offices are still located at 1012 Division St., Biloxi, MS 39530.

9/4/08 LTel:
Housing available to volunteers are two trailers with a capacity of 14 people each. Meals are the responsibility of volunteers. There are bathrooms and showers equipped in the trailers.

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