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Parents: If you are seeking SCHOOL SUPPLIES, please call the
United Way 211 Helpline for a list of providers. The San Antonio Food Bank Backpack Program is a school-based emergency food assistance partnership.

The Backpack Program in San Antonio is currently operating in four elementary schools. The schools chosen were schools that demonstrated a need, according to their respective rates of free/reduced lunch program participation, and were located in neighborhoods with limited access to charitable services such as food pantries or soup kitchens.

Currently, Larkspur Elementary School, Regency Place Elementary, Gregorio Esparza Accelerated Elementary School, and East T distribute food packs to children who are at risk of going hungry over a weekend or school holiday. Students identified as at-risk are referred to school councilors, who than see to it that the child is discreetly given a food pack to take home. In addition to providing food packs for the needy child and his or her siblings, school councilors are able to refer these families to the San Antonio Food Bank for additional assistance with Food Stamp Outreach, senior citizen nutrition programs, and food pantry referrals.

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