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The San Antonio Food Bank sponsors several Kids Cafe sites, partnering with local after-school programs to bring this effective child nutrition program directly to the children and teens at the youth centers where they recreate.

Why are Kids Cafes Needed?
Each year in the United States, more than 25 million people visit a food bank because of hunger or food insecurity. Nearly 40 percent of emergency food clients are children. In San Antonio, one in four children experience hunger. Many children in low-income neighborhoods or rural communities do not receive well-balanced evening meals, either because their parents work late hours or they simply cannot afford good wholesome food. Children must receive proper nutrition in order to develop properly and perform well in school. Many Kids Cafes are located in central locations so that participating children can walk or bicycle to these sites after school for a hot meal and homework assistance from a caring adult.

Where are the Kids Cafes?
Currently, there are hundreds of Kids Cafes operated by America’s Second Harvest Food Banks nationally. In Southwest Texas, the SAFB presently supports 12 Kids Cafes.

Can You Sponsor a Kids Cafe?
Absolutely! For any program to work, community and businesses must come together for the sake of success. For businesses in the San Antonio area and South Texas, sponsoring a Kids Cafe either wholly or in part is a wonderful investment in a community’s future. Children who experience an environment for good development will more likely become productive citizens. Vandalism and petty crime rates fall as children are engaged with activities, not distracted by mischief.

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