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Coming as part of a group makes a lot of sense, although we
are often able to connect individual volunteers to a group
that will be here at the same time.

Your specific housing arrangements will be settled before
you arrive. If you will be in a facility provided by SMHA,
there is no cost to you. If you are staying elsewhere,
either because of your preference or because SMHA beds are
already full, you cover housing costs. SMHA is headquartered
in New Iberia, which is central to some of the devastated
areas. New Iberia itself escaped most of the storms' fury
and has all the usual services and amenities and an intact
infrastructure. Depending on your assignment, your housing
may be in New Iberia or in one of the 10 other parishes where
SMHA works. You may be housed in a church annex with bunk beds,
social space, tables and chairs, showers, laundry facilities
and an equipped kitchen (you provide the food). Some volunteers
arrange to stay in campgrounds or motels.

SMHA covers the lodging costs for volunteers who are staying
in our facilities. If that's what you'd like to do, we'll be
able to let you know if space will be available once your
dates are confirmed. If you stay at a campground or motel,
it is at your cost.

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