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Application: Type of Demographic Served Show
Category 1: All Things "Green" (recycling & eco-sensitive/sharing services/materials) Show
Category 2: Animals / Livestock (Feed/Supplies/Services) Show
Category 3: Baby Items Show
Category 4: Books / Video / Film / Audio Content / Board Games Show
Category 5: Cleaning Supplies & Services, Cleanup, Debris Removal Show
Category 6: Clothing Show
Category 7.0: Construction, Heavy Machinery & Off-road Transport Show
Category 7.1: Construction, Supplies/Services Show
Category 7.2: Construction, Tools Show
Category 8.0: Disaster Management Services, Process/Guidance Documentation & Services Show
Category 8.1: Emergency & Volunteer Services / Emergency Rescue & Volunteer Equipment Show
Category: Electronics / Communications / Computers / Software Show
Category: Employment, Paid Gigs - Employment/Job Services Show
Category: Events/Scheduled Programs (ticketed/free), Social/Networking/Support Groups Show
Category: Financial & Legal Services/Donations, Vouchers, Fund-Raising, Gift Cards, Grants Show
Category: Food - Food Distribution & Prepared Meals Show
Category: Food - Groceries & Cooking Supplies Show
Category: Food - Holiday Food, Holiday Meals & Holiday Trappings ;-) Show
Category: Food - Kitchen Equipment & Disposable Food Service Supplies (ie. cups, plates, etc) Show
Category: Fuel Show
Category: Government Functions and Government Advocacy Show
Category: Household - Appliances Show
Category: Household - Furniture, Indoor Storage Containers, Carpet Show
Category: Household - Linens, Laundry Supplies, Carrying Bags, Camping Gear, Misc Hhold Show
Category: Housing & Housing Services, Emergency Shelter & Shelter Supplies, Camp Sites & Camping Supplies Show
Category: Info Resources, Hotlines, Directories & Media Show
Category: International - Organizations and Items Show
Category: Items for LOAN ONLY Show
Category: Landscape/Gardening/Agriculture Show
Category: Medical - RX/ Over the Counter (OTC)/ Medicinal Herbal Products Show
Category: Medical Services/Programs & Mental Health Services/Programs & Support Show
Category: Medical/Dental Supplies, Equipment Show
Category: Misc Show
Category: Office Supplies, Equipment & Facilities Show
Category: School Equipment & Supplies/Art Supplies Show
Category: Schools and Educational Programs for Kids Show
Category: Services, For Non-Profits (501c3 Orgs, etc) Show
Category: Services, For Small Businesses & Economic Development Show
Category: Social Services & Programs, for Disaster Survivors & Low Income (free, or nearly free) Show
Category: Sporting/Sports Equipment Show
Category: Toiletries ~ Hygiene Products Show
Category: Toys Show
Category: Training, Online (Free) Training Courses and Resources Show
Category: Training/Instruction (free or nearly free) Show
Category: Transportation Services, Interstate Show
Category: Transportation Services, Intrastate Show
Category: Vehicles (cars/autos, vans, trucks), Road, Water & Air Transport Show
Category: Volunteer Personnel & Services Show
Category: Warehouse Supplies/Services & Large Outdoor Storage Containers Show
Demographic: Disabled Persons, Supplies/Services for Show
Demographic: Seniors, Services/Supplies for Show
Demographic: Special Needs Show
New/Unassigned Show
Volume Priced Items for Survivors, for Long Term Recovery Show
X - Occupy Working Groups Show
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Y - Rebuilding Status: In-Process "Case Managed" Projects Show
Y - Rebuilding Status: Details Show
Z - Command & Control for Disaster Relief (Internal Use ONLY) Show
Z - DATA UPDATER (Internal Use Only) Show
Z - Database Admin Stuff (Internal Use Only) Show
Z- "Needs" Status Report for ACTIVE DISASTERS (Internal Use ONLY) Show

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